NTT’s net-zero targets get SBTi validation

07 August 2023

At NTT, we have reached a milestone in our sustainability ambitions and measuring our progress to net-zero.

We’ve achieved external validation from the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), a partnership between the Carbon Disclosure Project, the United Nations Global Compact, the World Resources Institute and the World Wide Fund for Nature.

This initiative aims to define and promote best practices in emissions reduction and net-zero goals, while helping organizations to set net-zero targets in line with the latest climate science – including providing independent validation of these targets.

The Science Based Targets initiative has signed off on our ambitious net-zero goals

Following a detailed assessment, the SBTi has determined that our greenhouse-gas reduction targets (net-zero in our operations by 2030, and in our value chain by 2040) are in line with the Paris Agreement, which 195 countries adopted in 2015.

According to the agreement, in order to limit global warming to 1.5°C, greenhouse-gas emissions must peak before 2025 at the latest and decline by 43% before 2030.

This recognition from the SBTi is significant because it shows that NTT’s net-zero targets are credible.

Zellah Fuphe, Chief Risk and Sustainability Officer at NTT, said: “This is an incredible accomplishment. We are one of the first companies to receive approval for our updated net-zero targets from the Science Based Targets initiative, reinforcing our industry leadership in this area. Gaining this external verification is an important step in how we double down on sustainability and accelerate the achievement of our sustainability goals.”