Introducing NTT DATA’s multiparty private offer for Azure Marketplace

21 March 2024

Can buying enterprise software be as easy as visiting your local shop?

“I’d like 10 seats of application XYZ, a database, some storage and a virtual private network. Just add it to my tab and bill me at month-end. Many thanks!”  

It may be unexpected, but it’s happening more and more. Cloud marketplaces make buying enterprise software and services incredibly straightforward. With a subscription and a few clicks, buyers can choose, purchase and install the cloud applications they need along with all necessary licensing and end-user licence agreements. 

According to research from Canalys, sales on the major cloud marketplaces will grow to USD 45 billion by 2025 – an annual growth rate of 84%. That’s great news for the leading cloud hyperscalers (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud) and for the independent software vendors that sell on their respective marketplaces.

It's great news for software buyers too. Cloud marketplaces are rapidly evolving new services and approaches to keep up with demand, and nowhere faster than at Microsoft. Redmond recently launched their multiparty private offer (MPO) initiative for Azure, and we’re excited to announce that NTT DATA is now a global Azure MPO partner.

What does it mean for NTT DATA clients?

Azure’s MPO program provides a streamlined, one-stop software marketplace experience with standardized onboarding and integrations. It also provides new ways to allocate IT spending using the Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC).   

Available in the UK from mid-2024, NTT DATA’s Azure private offer will give clients exclusive pricing and service bundles tailored to their specific needs. They also gain the flexibility to use their MACCs strategically to manage IT budgets. Each eligible pound spent through NTT DATA’s MPO can then be applied against the MACC, meaning clients can decrease their commitments while getting the technology tools and upgrades they need.

It marks a major change that is aligned with our clients’ budget objectives and helps optimize their investments in Azure. Through a personalized dashboard, multiple cloud application contracts can be managed with consolidated billing and reporting. That combines the close relationship you’d expect from a reseller with the ease of use and deployment only a platform like Azure can provide.

Microsoft has reported a 300% increase in customers with a MACC buying through the marketplace as a result. If you’re already an Azure customer, more details about NTT DATA’s MPO will be coming your way in the next few weeks.

A better way to buy

Enterprise customers are increasingly migrating to the cloud and looking for software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that save money and make their lives easier. More than 95% of the Fortune 500 use Microsoft Azure, and Azure Marketplace reported growth of 288% in SaaS-billed sales last year.

Everyone likes it simple, not least the millennial buyers who increasingly have decision-making power over IT budgets. They’ve grown up with applications that are instantly available after a few clicks, taps and swipes. NTT DATA’s MPO for Azure addresses their expectations and makes life simpler for purchasing pros as well.

To learn more, speak to your Client Manager. In our next MPO article, we’ll delve more deeply into the benefits that procurement teams can expect.

Robert Stanley
Director, Cloud Services Division at NTT DATA


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