Mango advances its digital business style by migrating to the cloud, increasing efficiencies and sales

A global fashion brand with an entrepreneurial mindset, Mango has an extensive store network and impressive online retail operations. When the company wanted to move forward into e-commerce and adapt to new consumer trends, Mango partnered with us to move to the cloud. In addition to a modern platform that can keep up with global demand as the business grows, a managed ecommerce site that complies with PCI regulations enable Mango to easily expand to other countries.

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Mango, one of Europe’s leading fashion groups, is a global company with design, creativity and technology at the center of its business model, and a strategy based on constant innovation, the search for sustainability and a complete ecosystem of channels and partners. Founded in Barcelona in 1984, the company closed 2022 with a presence in over 115 markets.


Growing online sales and higher customer expectations drive the need for an enhanced ecommerce platform

Mango is one of the European fashion companies with the largest online penetration in its business. A pioneer since its origins, in 1996 it launched its website in order to publicize the brand worldwide. In 2000 they committed to selling over the Internet by launching its ecommerce, making it a pioneering fashion company of ecommerce in Europe. Over the following twenty years, Mango has extended this to 90 markets in all five continents at the end of 2022. With the aim of further advancing Mango’s online presence, we started to work with the company to migrate to the cloud in 2014.

Mango needed to adapt their ecommerce systems to the rapid growth as an international clothing brand and the sheer number of visitors to their website.

And as the number of orders rose, so did the demands on their payment platform.

This platform has to conform to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards requirements. Part of this requirement involves a yearly audit of how payment card data is stored and secured.

Mango therefore needed a new, reliable payment platform that could scale with the business and easily manage seasonal and business fluctuations. To better support business planning, the new infrastructure would also need a flexible cost model that would align with the real demand and results of the ecommerce business.

“Our customers expect our online store to be available 24x7 and our platforms need to make that happen.”

Jordi Álex Moreno
Mango Chief Information Technology Officer

A future-proof ecommerce platform for timeless Mediterranean style

Mango needed a secure ecommerce platform that could scale as the company grew, enable them to comply with international regulations and respond to any number of customers using their systems.

We redesigned the existing architecture. Combined with the migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS), this resulted in a more reliable platform.

Due to the scale of their operations, Mango’s payment system handles thousands of credit card transactions every day. The company closed 2022 with a turnover of EUR 2.688 billion, with 36% of its business originating from its online channel.

We not only assisted with ensuring that the platform is secure by design and to protect personal and financial information in line with PCI regulations, but also assign an engineer to assist with the yearly PCI audit, which they’ve passed each year.

“Since migrating to AWS, we have established stable platforms capable of efficiently handling the spikes in usage resulting from key campaigns like Black Friday, Shopping Night, or sales.”

Jordi Álex Moreno
Mango Chief Information Technology Officer

Cloud and ecommerce platform let Mango focus on fashion and retail innovation

Migrating to AWS and a scalable ecommerce platform has allowed Mango to focus on retail innovation, from hyperpersonalizing online browsing and shopping on all devices to enabling an omnichannel retail experience.

Compliance with PCI regulations

A key operating requirement for online sales is meeting PCI regulations and passing the yearly audit.

Increased reliability, reduction in outages

Moving to the cloud removed the reliance on ageing infrastructure since AWS meets regulatory requirements for payment in various countries.

Long-standing partnership

As Mango continues to evolve their technology strategy, they’ve been able to rely on us to ensure their cloud infrastructure supports the needs of their evolving ecommerce platform.

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