Hybrid cloud voice simplifies how Georg Fischer Piping Systems handles calls

As a large organization with a combination of international offices and manufacturing facilities, Georg Fischer Piping Systems (GFPS) wanted to consolidate their calling solutions so all voice calls, including their contact center calls, would go through Microsoft Teams.

Since cloud calling is not allowed in all countries, they chose a hybrid solution, managed by NTT, that uses a mix of cloud voice and traditional line routing. The combination of Luware and Microsoft Teams makes it possible to add more users, features and functionality without having to invest in new infrastructure.

Client profile

Georg Fischer Piping Systems is the leading flow solutions provider across the world that enables the safe and sustainable transport of fluids. Founded in 1802, the corporation is headquartered in Switzerland and present in 31 countries with more than 8,000 employees worldwide. The company had sales of CHF 2.3 billion in 2022.


Moving to one call-handling system across the company

As an international organization, GFPS’s offices and production facilities span the world. Their global reach creates a need for global connection and communication so teams can collaborate effectively.

Microsoft Teams was already being used internally for global communication. It therefore made sense to get a partner to help them expand to using cloud voice and Teams to consolidate their inbound and outbound voice communication. Their telephony system at the time consisted of multiple contracts with different providers, all of which had to be managed and renewed separately. They also wanted to route calls from their contact center through Microsoft Teams.

The new voice solution had to be standardized across the company while complying with each country’s data and cloud-storage regulations.

“We wanted all our voice calls, whether they were direct calls or routed through our call center, to go through Microsoft Teams. This would give us one platform for the whole company, instead of a patchwork of solutions from different providers.”

Tobias Gisy
Head of Global Shared Applications & Infrastructure, GFPS

Managing the complexity of local regulations

The first step to migrating GFPS’s telephony systems and contact center was to design how the voice–cloud solution would seamlessly integrate with their existing Microsoft Teams solution.

We worked with Luware to move GFPS’s contact center to Microsoft Teams. The migration process involved migrating data, configuring the system and training agents. Luware’s solution adds to the functionality of Teams by providing agents the tools to answer questions as well as a 360-degree customer view and reporting. The Luware-based contact center integrated GFPS’s customer relationship management (CRM) software and improved the customer experience.

Luware and Microsoft Operator Connect enabled us to provide cloud voice in countries that allow this technology.

“For our business to operate smoothly, we have to be able to collaborate internally and be available to our customers. NTT has moved voice calling to Teams for our global offices.”

Gregory Quelin
Head of Global Customer Experience, GFPS

Cost-effective and efficient calling solution

Routing direct and contact center calls through Microsoft Teams means GFPS employees can use one platform to stay connected with their customers and each other. The shift to cloud calling also allows them to move from paying for each voice call (an opex model) to using their existing internet connection to make calls (a capex model).

Reducing cost and complexity

Instead of having multiple contracts across countries and sites, GFPS now has one contract in place to manage all their voice calls. This reduces the overall cost of the contract and eliminates the burden of managing multiple contracts. NTT Cloud Voice services enabled GFPS to simplify telephony infrastructure in most countries where they operate.

Cohesive global customer experience

Having one consolidated platform from one provider allows GFPS to access all telephony, communication and collaboration functions from one place, enabling the same environment globally.

Improved employee experience

With hybrid working becoming increasingly common, cloud calling allows employees to answer calls to their numbers wherever they are – on company premises or at home. It also allows employees to use one portal and headset for all their meetings and calls.

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