We believe that technology can make insurance more personal

Together we’re transforming the customer service journey for Malaysian insurance customers. To stay ahead in today’s hyperconnected world , Allianz Malaysia Berhad wanted to ensure that every one of their customers received world class service, that claims were processed quickly and that their employees had the right tools to service their customers. Working with us they introduced an automated case routing and SLA monitoring function, allowing customers to track their complaint or query effortlessly. A self-service function diverts calls to an assisted services channel, providing their customers with faster feedback.

Why Allianz needed to transform their CX

Allianz prides itself on putting its customers at the core of what it does. It understands that differentiating your business in today’s competitive market means more than just having great products and service offerings; it means giving your customer the best possible service.

Allianz is more than just an insurance provider. They’re an organization that truly puts their customers at the heart of everything they do. They understand that when they’re contacted for a claim, it generally means that the worst has happened for their customer. Being able to resolve claims means more than just closing a case file, it means giving a resolution to someone who has suffered some form of loss.

Malaysia’s leading insurance provider wants to ensure that their customers experienced the same excellent service, regardless of their point of contact.

Customers expected assistance through any digital channel, such as Facebook and Corporate chat, or phone and their employees needed an integrated omnichannel solution, that allowed them to access important customer information quickly.

Being a forward-thinking company, Allianz is aware of the impact that technology has on their industry. Not only has it changed how they market themselves, but it’s changed how their customers want to communicate with them.

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Which services?

Enterprise omnichannel solution, ACD, IVR, routing and reporting environment, Support voice, email, chat, social media, omnichannel agent desktop with knowledge management, Case Management system

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Which technologies?

Avaya Contact Center and Customer Interaction Management Solution, Verint Customer Engagement Solutions

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Which partners

Avaya, Verint

‘Our customers preferences, profiles and expectations have evolved and these changes have impacted the way in which they chose to interact with us.’
Stefan Ritz , Chief Digital Officer, Allianz Malaysia Berhad

How an omnichannel approach improved service

Applying the latest in CX thinking meant Allianz was able to truly deliver a customer-centric approach to insurance. Understanding their customers’ need to communicate with them via different channels was the foundation for rolling out an integrated omnichannel solution.

Being able to assist their customers with their claims quickly and efficiently ensures that their customers spend less time dealing with insurance, and more time moving forward.

An integrated omnichannel solution ensures that they’re able to assist clients who call in, email, use web chat or contact them through their social platforms. Their client engagement tool is fully integrated with their backend systems, ensuring that customer information is available, regardless of their choice of communication channel.

An automated case routing and SLA monitoring function was introduced, allowing customers to track their complaint or query effortlessly.

A self-service function diverts calls to an assisted services channel, providing their customers with feedback faster.

What a flexible network meant for the environment

A customer-centric approach to insurance has been a differentiator for them. It’s ensured that they’ve retained their position as a leader in the insurance industry. But the biggest impact has been on the everyday lives of the people who insure with them.

Transforming their entire CX journey has solidified Allianz as an industry leader. With their new integrated, omnichannel client engagement tool, they’re expecting to see a reduction of case handling time by 50%.

This means queries are resolved faster, and more importantly, claims are settled sooner. Diverting voice calls to digital channels is expected to provide an operational saving of up to 40%.

The insurance provider has implemented a contextual knowledge management tool, providing their employees with the tools needed to answer complex questions.

This is expected to help reduce the average handling time of cases – meaning their customers are able to continue with their every-day lives faster.

Customer first

The omnichannel solution allows customers to choose their preferred method for customer service.


Expected reductions in operational expenditure and case handling times.


By linking agents to critical information, they can resolve issues faster, improving customer satisfaction.