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With so many communication channels available today, one of the oldest – voice –remains popular. Cloud-based voice services are a cost-effective way to connect your teams and customers from just about anywhere, particularly as hybrid working models become more entrenched.

But with this shift comes new challenges. For example, how do you keep your data safe? What is best practice for securing your systems? And how do you ensure you meet regulatory and compliance requirements?

NTT’s Cloud Voice is a global cloud-native communications service that covers all your requirements for voice over IP and customer experience – including data protection.

Cloud Voice is now ISO/IEC 27001 certified, which means you can rely on us to manage the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information.

An ISO/IEC 27001 certification is the most rigorous and trusted way to keep data safe, secure and compliant. This internationally recognized standard confirms that we are following best practices and recommendations for protecting the security of your assets. From financial information and intellectual property to customer and employee details, all your data is protected against unauthorized access, deletion, modification and disclosure.

Along with Managed Collaboration Services, which was already ISO/IEC 27001 certified, our newly certified solutions include:

  • Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams (Operator Connect by NTT)
  • Cloud Voice for Cisco (Cloud Connected Audio, Cloud Connected PSTN)
  • Cloud Voice for CX (for Genesys Cloud, Webex Contact Center)
  • Cloud Fax

Specifically, our Cloud Voice ISO/IEC certification will:

  • Inspire greater confidence: Data breaches can be costly if you don’t have adequate procedures in place to address them. We guarantee a high level of confidentiality and security to reduce the risk of an incident arising from internal or external sources, such as viruses or hacking attempts. Our ISO/IEC 27001 certification means you can manage your risks efficiently without incurring unnecessary expenses.
  • Simplify compliance: Our tools help ensure you adhere to regulatory and legal requirements and avoid costly penalties for noncompliance. The certification bolsters your internal security structure and streamlines onboarding and scaling. It also reduces the need for multiple audits, which saves you time and money.
  • Enable secure collaboration: ISO/IEC 27001 certification is a business differentiator. It shows you can trust us to manage valuable third-party information assets, data and intellectual property, and it lessens your organization’s risk exposure.

Beyond certification

Achieving ISO/IEC 27001 certification shows we have met strict criteria for security management to protect our clients against cyberthreats and mitigate the risk of a data breach.

However, security is not just about enhancing technical measures. We also help you implement business controls and management processes to address the information security threats and opportunities identified in your organization's risk assessment.

Additionally, we can help you create and monitor an ISO/IEC 27001-compliant information security management system that’s certified by an accredited certification body.

ISO/IEC 27001 certification is more than a stamp of approval. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to find ways of better serving your needs as part of your own cybersecurity strategy.

Download our beginner’s guide to Cloud Voice.

Crystal Finkboner is Director of Information Security at NTT.