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Investing in business-critical monitoring tools without getting the insights – and therefore the business value – that they promise is simply a waste of money. Yet, we see this in organizations everywhere.

For example, when an application goes down, they may not know the reason, the impact and, importantly, whether another outage can be avoided proactively.

Why is this?

We’ve identified a few reasons, starting with a lack of harmonization between their tools, applications and network.

Then, business and technology teams may not have the skills to address problems – or could be misaligned on the right approach to take.

Applications are also designed very differently than they were just two years ago. They need to be more agile and reactive to adjust to new demands, often as part of a multicloud ecosystem. 

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Another challenge is the vast amounts of data that monitoring tools generate. Where’s the return on investment if the data is meaningless to the person reading it? Organizations must be able to interpret and contextualize the data to support their business outcomes. These tools, which flag many anomalies, also need to deliver value to the operations team – so contextualization is necessary in both the business and technical environment.

The solution lies in full-stack observability, which means the organization has a detailed view of the health and behavior of applications, storage, services, network and more.

This allows them to turn their investment in a monitoring tool into service outcomes.

Addressing the pain points

We can help you understand your monitoring state – how well you’re able to observe your applications – and define a strategy to improve on it.

For more than 30 years, organizations have relied on NTT and Cisco to deliver results, and we have just been recognized as Cisco’s 2022 Global Managed Services Partner of the Year.

Our new 360 Observability platform, powered by Cisco’s full-stack observability suite of tools, is another example of what we can achieve through our exceptional partnership.

By combining Cisco AppDynamics technology with our managed services, we assist clients who operate business-critical applications that generate revenue or have other major business impacts, but do not have the in-house capacity or knowledge to attend to it themselves.  

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You know you feel the pain but may not know where it is or how it affects your operations, so we start by understanding your pain points.

Organizations tend to license platforms from technology partners without fully appreciating the effort it takes to nurture these platforms so they provide business and operational value. That’s why we stay by your side long after we’ve identified the gaps in your observability strategy.

We optimize our platform so it provides value by allowing you to monitor your application uptime and business metrics contextually. Then, we roll out our technical and consulting services. We keep listening to you to ensure our solution keeps pace with your organization’s changing needs, instead of being just a one-off sale.

In this way, you improve your application availability, leading to a better employee and customer experience, cost savings and a revenue boost.

Read more about NTT 360 Observability.  

James Wesley is Director of Offer Management: Application and Observability Services at NTT.