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Organizations depend heavily on their network infrastructure. However, many are still using legacy equipment, which is often outdated and unable to keep up with the demands of modern networks.

This leads to inferior performance, security vulnerabilities and downtime. Legacy equipment can also be more expensive to maintain than newer technology, which is increasingly software-driven and more energy-efficient, helping to reduce operational and maintenance costs.

Is this a familiar challenge in your organization? You might already be aware that you need a network refresh, but the process seems daunting and time-consuming.

This is where using a turnkey deployment solution to implement your network refresh becomes an attractive option. It’s a comprehensive and integrated package provided by a single vendor that includes all the components required to address your specific needs – hardware, software, documentation and support services.

A faster route to robust network infrastructure

A turnkey solution makes it simpler and faster for you to create robust and secure network infrastructure that paves the way for improved performance, scalability and cost-efficiency.

The planning and design phase of the solution is aimed at determining your organization’s needs, challenges and budget. This minimizes delays down the line and ensures that your new network is implemented correctly from the start – resulting in a faster return on investment.

And, because the turnkey solution provider is taking care of the bill of materials and the personnel needed to implement the new network, you don’t need to be directly involved in selecting and sourcing gear or managing resources.

These solutions are also typically built with standardized configurations to ensure consistency and scalability across your network. This can lead to easier management, troubleshooting and maintenance in the long run.

In this way, a turnkey solution mitigates risk and enhances productivity while allowing for greater adaptability and continual innovation as your business evolves.

Saving you time and money

Accurate cost estimations for a network refresh are important because these programs can be expensive, and overspending on hardware, software or services is a risk. But the costs can be unpredictable when you’re using internal resources with varying levels of skill who will spend much of their time on the deployment process.

Using a turnkey deployment solution, however, you can identify potential costs earlier with the help of the turnkey solution provider and set up a realistic budget.

A turnkey solution also saves you time and money because it is tailored to your environment. It eliminates the need for extensive site-specific customization, which can be time-consuming and costly, and it frees up your IT team to focus on other critical tasks.

How does NTT DATA make it happen?

We apply our deep network expertise to manage your network refresh from start to finish. We work with your organization to determine designs, decide on change-management processes and set out the number and priorities of sites, among other factors, to ensure the program’s success.

Then, we can keep providing support after the initial network refresh to keep your new network operating efficiently.

In short, we follow these steps:

  1. Determine the number and size of sites.
  2. Draw up a prioritized site schedule aligned with a change-management process.
  3. Agree on the standard bill of materials and services for each site type, with standard pricing for each site.
  4. Create a statement of work that summarizes the sites and allows you to reprioritize site types as needed.
  5. Initiate and deploy your network refresh once the statement of work has been approved.

Staying on track with NTT DATA’s proprietary tools

During your network refresh, we store all related information in project-specific vaults with credential management for each project, device or application programming interface. This allows project managers, engineers and approved third parties to share and access information securely, and it eliminates disjointed workflows and other insufficient methods of communication.

Using our custom information management tool, the project team can search a comprehensive repository of best practices, standardized processes, work instructions and templates for project deliverables and more.

We also offer automation packages designed according to industry best practices, so you can leverage automation for repetitive tasks and workflows, leading to a quicker turnaround and fewer errors.

So, there’s no need to fear a network-refresh nightmare. Opt for a turnkey deployment solution and get reliable results – fast.


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