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As a global society, we’re becoming increasingly reliant on technology, and this is only set to continue in line with technological breakthroughs. Gartner has recently cited augmented humans, technological biohacking and nontraditional compute technologies as ‘digital disruptions’ expected to transform the world as we know it.

These breakthroughs will no doubt require data centers to house this data and the supporting applications. At our Global Data Centers division, we’re proud to have a global data platform which can enable a more connected future.

Following the launch of NTT Ltd, when 31 companies joined together to become one global IT services company, we formed our Global Data Centers division. This division incorporates expertise from our heritage companies DPA, e-shelter, Gyron, Netmagic, NTT Ltd Communications Nexcenter and RagingWire, which are all now part of NTT Ltd. This created a consolidated data center entity which is the third largest data center company in the world featuring more than 160 carrier- and cloud-neutral data centers in more than 20 countries worldwide and underpinned by our extensive global IP network.

Our extensive global reach is a benefit for many of our clients because of the simplicity and access it provides. Organizations working across multiple global regions, for example, don’t have to deal with 10 different providers dependent on the data center’s location, easing the procurement process and the day-to-day management of data center capacity. Our global footprint also provides us with the local in-market expert knowledge needed to offer our clients reliable and tailored services in every region coupled with a global outlook.

We can also provide access to a much broader ecosystem of products and services as part of NTT Ltd. This allows our clients access to the strategy, support and capabilities needed to build their business for the future with one partner.

As technology continues to play an increasing role in our lives, we expect the demand for data centers to increase. As such, we look forward to building on our platform and providing our clients with all the support they need to future-proof their organization, wherever they are in the world. We’ll continue to look for ways to be more sustainable and ensure that, as technological breakthroughs are identified, we focus on how innovation can be used to create a better future.