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Out of sight, out of mind – and out of business? IT practitioners are fast discovering that traditional monitoring tools, skills and processes are not adequate for the networks and applications they need to keep track of.

This is largely because application design has changed a lot in a short time. Applications have to be more agile so they can adjust to new demands, often as part of a multicloud ecosystem. 

Despite past investments in this area, your organization may have ended up with a siloed monitoring approach that delivers limited insights and business value amid spiraling costs. You may also lack the skills to solve this problem – but that doesn’t mean you’re without a solution.

If you can’t see it, you can’t fix it

Observability gives you unified, real-time visibility into availability and performance up and down the IT stack. It covers computing, storage, network and the public internet – from customer-facing applications all the way to the back end.

IT operations, development and networking teams can then quickly and easily identify anomalies, understand the root causes through dependency analysis and fix issues before they affect users and the business.

This is what organizations are saying, according to a 2022 Cisco AppDynamics survey of 1,200 IT professionals:

  • 88% reported that the appetite for full-stack observability within their organization had increased over the previous 12 months.
  • 90% said the implementation of full-stack observability solutions would be a priority for their organization in the next 12 months.
  • 51% cited the growing complexity of their IT infrastructure as driving the need for full-stack observability.
  • 50% reported improved IT productivity because of improved visibility across their IT stack, while 46% reported reduced IT operational costs.

Make the move to full-stack observability

There is plenty of innovation happening in the fast-evolving multicloud landscape – and it was all on display at the 2023 Cloud Expo Europe in London, where we demonstrated how NTT can help you simplify, secure and optimize your complex multicloud environment and reduce risk and cost.

We also showed how a clear, data-driven observability strategy can lead your organization from a hazy picture of things to a full, clear view of your applications and multicloud environments.

This is important because the ability to monitor your entire IT stack is essential to identifying and remediating performance issues before they affect your business.

IT managers are also choosing to work with skilled service providers who go beyond simply providing observability tools to help their clients manage and improve their technology as part of a managed service.

Get a 360° view

Our 360 Observability approach – with the support of Cisco, our partner of more than 30 years – provides full-stack observability for insights into your business-critical applications, your network and the performance of your infrastructure.

We can help you understand your monitoring state and pain points. Then we compare your current operational maturity with your business and IT goals, do a gap analysis and decide on a way forward with measurable goals and a full roadmap to observability.

And, once our observability platform is in place, we do regular health checks, fine-tuning and alert customization to deliver proactive insights.

It’s never been this easy to ensure your application performance is aligned with your core business metrics.

Robert Stanley is Director: Cloud and Workplace at NTT