From fixing users’ software installation issues to helping them handle emails and calendar events, we understand the many challenges of managing tasks related to an organization-wide Microsoft license deployment.

A powerful new AI assistant, Copilot for Microsoft 365, can lighten the load significantly. With features like automated workflows and task delegation, Copilot can simplify these everyday processes and allow you to focus on what matters most: getting things done and fostering innovation within your team.

Copilot combines the power of large language models with a natural-language interface and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Teams. Using your organization's data and powered by Microsoft Graph, Copilot is engineered to boost your efficiency.

A productivity tool for business big and small

Microsoft describes Copilot as “the most powerful productivity tool on the planet”. It is integrated with Microsoft 365 apps to help with writing documents, making presentations and even creating PivotTables in Excel.

Since its introduction in March 2023, Copilot has become the go-to productivity tool for 40% of Fortune 100 companies. In January 2024, Microsoft removed the 300-seat minimum for Copilot for Microsoft 365, extending the plan to small and medium-sized organizations. This means that thousands of employees across industries are now working more intelligently, with an AI assistant by their side.

Seamless chats, calls and meetings with Copilot

A key feature of Copilot is its seamless integration with Microsoft Teams. Within Teams, it can help you schedule meetings by suggesting available times and relevant people and files, drafting an agenda and tracking attendee responses.

It provides real-time analytics during meetings, offering valuable insights to improve communication and collaboration. You can ask about meeting outcomes and instances see where your name was mentioned by checking meeting transcripts.

Here are some example prompts for Copilot:

  • Summarize what I’ve missed in the meeting, in a less technical way.
  • Where do we disagree on this topic?
  • Create a table with the ideas discussed and their pros and cons.
  • Draft an email to the meeting participants that summarizes the meeting and includes the action items.

Most recently, Microsoft announced the expansion of Copilot in Teams with Copilot in Teams Phone and Copilot in Teams Chat, extending its functionality from meetings to impromptu chats and calls.

Copilot in Teams Phone is your assistant on the go

The introduction of Copilot marks Teams Phone as the first leading unified-communications-as-a-service solution to incorporate generative AI capabilities into phone calls. This enables users to initiate and receive calls through their Teams app on any device, and receive real-time summaries and insights. They can ask Copilot to draft notes during calls and highlight important details like names, dates, numbers and tasks.

Let’s say you’re a salesperson and you want to explain a new product to a potential customer. Using Teams Phone, you make a call and start the conversation.

While the customer talks, Copilot summarizes the call and captures their questions about product features, benefits and pricing. It can also record customer feedback and propose subsequent actions.

This is valuable information for when you’re composing a follow-up email, as you can include supporting content and make sure you address any questions you couldn’t answer during the call.

Copilot in Teams Phone supports both Voice over Internet Protocol and public switched telephone network calls.

Copilot in Teams Chat makes sure you don’t miss a deadline

Copilot reduces the hassle of juggling various chats, allowing you to spend more time on important tasks without disrupting your workflow. Using Copilot in Teams Chat, you can ask specific questions or use suggested prompts to catch up on ongoing discussions, organize key points and summarize information that matters to you. This simplifies the process of pulling together important details from your chat conversations (including meeting chats).

Imagine your team is using Teams Chat to plan a new social media marketing campaign across time zones. At the start of your day, you need to catch up on their overnight progress. With Copilot in Teams Chat, you can ask for a summary of the chat conversation over a specific period (Copilot provides prompts for the past day, seven days or the past 30 days).

This means you don't have to scroll through long chat threads or repeatedly ask for updates. Copilot analyzes the messages and highlights main points and action items like deadlines, milestones and deliverables for each team member.

You can even instruct Copilot to pull out key information by creating a table with roles and responsibilities, or making a list of dependencies and issues. Additionally, it can flag information specific to you – for example, by listing your open action items. This streamlined and time-saving process keeps you informed without disrupting the team.

Why choose NTT DATA for Copilot

When it comes to making the most of Microsoft Copilot, and Microsoft technology more broadly, there are few organizations with the pedigree and experience of NTT DATA. As a leading technology solutions provider and trusted Microsoft Modern Work partner, we specialize in delivering innovative solutions to organizations across industries.

Our experts understand the intricacies of Microsoft Copilot and can provide guidance for its seamless adoption, ensuring maximum benefits and return on investment.

We’re also one of the first Microsoft partners selected to launch Copilot offers, which means we’re working closely with Microsoft to help our clients improve their customer and employee experience through AI.

Join our Copilot workshops to tap into our knowledge, proven implementation methodologies and ongoing support. From an initial assessment to implementation, training and continual optimization, we offer end-to-end guidance, making us the ideal partner for organizations looking to enhance their IT capabilities through Copilot.

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