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At each of our locations, our commitment to sustainability is driven by the environment as well as our own best practices. This commitment isn’t only to be seen and described in Vienna – it can even be tasted! The proximity of our data center to a natural recreation area, together with the green roof area of the facility, gave one of our teams the idea of giving bees a new home. This allows our onsite team to enjoy the delicious honey.

 Four honey hives on the table with bees around

Platinum level in LEED certification

The beehives are by no means all that the Vienna 1 Data Center has to offer in terms of sustainability. Our data center meets the highest LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) requirements standard and has been certified platinum. This certification is only achieved by those who actively contribute to environmental protection in various areas related to buildings and energy.

For us, each building block contributes its share to the overall success, as our Vienna 1 Data Center shows:

  • There are several filling stations for e-cars on the premises
  • Waste heat from the IT areas is recovered and used to heat offices and preheat the generators
  • Automatic irrigation of the green areas is dispensed with
  • Rainwater is consistently collected and used for sanitary facilities

Efficiency first

Regardless of the source of the electricity, we currently obtain 70% of our electricity in Austria from renewable energies and 30% from natural gas – it must be used efficiently. We’re consistently working toward our ambitious goal of operating our data centers in Europe in a climate-neutral manner by 2030. Together with other data center operators and associations, we have defined this in the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact.

Colocation offers better energy balance

An efficiently built and energy-optimized colocation data center already offers clients advantages in terms of sustainability. By sharing the infrastructure, they can achieve significantly higher security standards. An intelligently planned and operated large data center also conserves resources compared to many small data centers, both in terms of land sealing and energy requirements. This is increasingly important among companies, public authorities and institutions in Austria – something we’ve seen in both our discussions and the high demand for the additional 3,000+m² of IT space that will be available next year with our new building.

If you’d like to discuss our sustainable, secure and flexible services across our data centers you can reach us at +43 1 66 168-6815, by email at or via the contact form.