Many organizations have a Cisco DNA Center (DNAC) controller but aren't taking advantage of its potential to keep their businesses one step ahead by activating the full benefit of software-defined networking.

Our clients are telling us how vital it is to have a dynamic network delivering speed and agility without compromising on security and compliance. So why are they not realizing the full value of their investment in technology?

Often, it’s because they lack the in-house technical skills needed to unlock the full potential of their DNAC, and this is where NTT can assist.

To gain speed and agility with the visibility and control you need to adapt to dynamic business demands, we can help you to streamline the activation of your Cisco DNA Controller. 

Activation accelerators and use cases are designed to seamlessly deploy and integrate new technology into your infrastructure. As a result, you quickly gain the benefit of intent-based networking without disruptions to user experience or your IT operations. 

5 steps to intent-based networking

1. Network assurance for better performance

With proactive and predictive network assurance, you can have a complete device inventory and monitor device and client health. This allows you to improve the availability, reliability and performance of your network while ensuring your policies are correctly implemented.

You can more easily manage all the devices discovered and controlled by your DNAC, resulting in a better user experience, faster troubleshooting and improved mitigation of business-impact risk. It also enables client and application assurance.

2. Software image management in minutes

Software image management helps you simplify and accelerate software image upgrades and the patch-delivery process while minimizing human error. You can automatically address security vulnerabilities caused by software version-control issues – and what used to take days can now be done in minutes.

3. Network device onboarding for automatic, policy-based configuration

Network device onboarding with Cisco Plug and Play automatically applies network configuration settings based on your policies. This means you can set up new sites and devices faster, with less room for human error. It’s a step towards a new digital operating model.

4. Automated campus-network segmentation

By automatically segmenting your users, devices and other connected entities, you not only reduce network provisioning time but also maintain compliance with security and regulatory requirements.

5. Scalable access policy for connectivity

By automatically recognizing and applying policies for both wired and wireless connectivity throughout your organization, you can centrally enforce policy across multiple domains, from the edge to the cloud.

So, once your DNAC is fully operational, you’ll be able to:

  • Automate network changes
  • Respond to changes in your organization quickly and confidently, thanks to centralized configuration and software image compliance management
  • Ensure compliance without resource-intensive manual processes

Our approach gets you there – fast

We match our services to our clients’ requirements and timeframes to ensure they benefit immediately from improvements in compliance, security and efficiency.

To transform your organization digitally, you need to know – in real time or near real-time – where and how your users are connecting to your network, what applications they’re using and much more. You also need to analyze the data as it arrives.

To increase your operational efficiency, security and compliance in this way, you should be taking full advantage of the capabilities of software-defined networking.

We’ve developed our Software-defined Infrastructure Services specifically to support controller-based technologies. Now, you can simplify your IT operations through a service portal that aggregates many data sources to provide one source of metrics and predictive insights – essential to gain the increased visibility and control you need.

This places you firmly in control, so you can improve your license management, monitor your hardware availability and manage your hardware- and controller-based investments.

Such a dynamic approach to building, deploying and operating complex networks is essential in today’s fast-moving business world. For more than 30 years, our ability to help our clients respond to complex business challenges has been recognized by Cisco, and our innovation has won the Technology & Services Industry Association’s STAR Award for Transformation of Support Services.

Let us help you accelerate your business success by providing the support you need.

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