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Our approach to network management evolves constantly, and innovation in this field is essential. Employing the latest technology is how we ensure we not only maintain our clients’ networks but also make them future-proof.

This is why you’ll find AI, automation and advanced analytics in our network toolkit. We’re also creating a better online experience for our clients through our AI-based platform, which allows us to predict and rapidly identify network issues well before they become a real problem.

Because of our global reach and the depth and breadth of our services, which span consulting, design, implementation and management, we can deliver anywhere and support large global clients at scale.

Then there are our close relationships with original network equipment manufacturers. We’re one of the largest partners – if not the largest – for nearly every network technology provider, giving us access to their expertise and scale, too.

New recognition by Everest Group

That’s our regular sales pitch, and we have faith in our abilities. But why take our word for it? We’re happy to announce that we’ve just been recognized as a Leader in network transformation services by Everest Group.

Here’s what Mukesh Ranjan, Vice President at Everest Group, said:

“NTT’s market leadership in network transformation services globally, as assessed by Everest Group, is demonstrated by the breadth and depth of the communication service provider’s managed local area network, wide area network and security portfolio that includes network as a service (NaaS), software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN), multicloud networking and private 5G solutions.

“NTT maintains strong partnerships with [network] vendors that enable it to tailor best-fit managed networking solutions for customers across the globe. It also offers industry-leading network automation and analytics capabilities, strong technical and network management expertise, and robust consulting services across its smart campus networks and NaaS solutions.

“Enterprise clients value NTT for its innovation, customized solutions approach and precision project execution. As a Leader in Everest Group’s Network Transformation Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment – Communication Service Providers 2023, enterprises can rely on NTT to solve even the most complex networking challenges as a cornerstone to their overall digital transformation and cloud strategy.”

NTT has been recognized as a Leader in network transformation services by Everest Group

This is just one example of analyst organizations recognizing our capabilities. We receive this type of feedback from analysts in the same way we help transform our clients’ networks: through our demonstrable expertise. We assess your organization’s current network infrastructure and work within your budget to transform it into a modern network estate, then manage that estate consistently by meeting our SLAs.

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Amith Dhingra is Executive Vice President: Enterprise Network Services at NTT