TSX Trust chooses an intelligent, managed cloud contact center solution to build investor connections

For TSX Trust, a transfer agent and corporate trust services provider, business success is defined by their ability to anticipate and meet customers’ needs. When the business grew through acquisition, they partnered with NTT to modernize their contact center solution improving investor, customer and shareholder experiences and enabling better bilingual support.

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Client profile

With a reputation for expertise, efficiency and professionalism and a strong relationship-management structure, TSX Trust is the largest Canadian-owned transfer agent and corporate trust business. They serve approximately 1,700 clients – mostly public issuers – as well as the issuers’ stakeholders and investors. Issuers rely on TSX Trust to treat these customers as an extension of their brand in line with their own exacting standards.


Growth opens opportunity for contact center modernization

TSX Trust offers issuer and investor services for listed companies, which means they deal directly with the issuers, investors and other stakeholders of their accounts. The experience these stakeholders have with TSX Trust influences the relationships they have with TSX Trust’s accounts, so an essential part of their services is to consistently offer excellent customer experience (CX).

In 2021 TSX Trust acquired AST Canada and more than doubled in size as a result. The acquisition expanded relationships with their top accounts and increased their interactions with account stakeholders through correspondence and contact centers.

Before the acquisition, the trust had a small contact center team, and they received most of their queries by email. They knew they had to change their contact center, not only to handle a higher volume of contacts using different channels, but also because they had to separate AST US from AST Canada.

A critical foundation item for the acquisition was to modernize the investor experience and evolve to taking a more CX-based approach to the business.

“We really wanted that interconnection of technology and experience because it is our belief that there is that connective tissue between how and what we use data for to deliver an even better experience than we have ever done in the past,” comments Kim Barrington, Head of Investor Experience, TSX Trust.

“Now our responsibility is much greater with the number of actual investors that we’re dealing with. The importance to our clients, though, is really to make sure that that investor connection is timely, is accurate, and it meets the investor the way that they want to be engaged with.”

Claire Johnson
President and CEO, TSX Trust

Building relationships using a contact center that meets stakeholders on their own terms

TSX Trust’s accounts are the most important asset they have. What sets them apart from other transfer agents is the consistently high level of service they provide, both to their accounts and their accounts’ stakeholders. The contact center is a key element in driving CX.

They wanted to connect with these stakeholders at the right time, in the right way, using their preferred language and communication channels. The fully managed contact center solution allows just that, with a range of contact channels available and the ability to support a bilingual contact center (in this case, English and Canadian French).

“Because [TSX Trust has] so much of this reputational moment of truth with those shareholders on the phone, we really needed a partner that could execute the recipe for operational excellence consistently,” adds Barrington.

We implemented and now support two lines of business through the contact center, namely the transfer agent business and a smaller team in employee plan solutions. NTT is responsible for interactive voice response (IVR) and IVR routing. We also offer workforce management, quality assurance, training, recruitment and all the standard services that come with the contact center.

“Having 300,000 calls a year is an easy thing to say. But the reality about having to service them is something different. We have a lot of confidence with NTT because they’re able to give us proof points on how we answer those calls in a timely way, so that we can go back to our clients with confidence.”

Claire Johnson
President and CEO, TSX Trust

Choosing a managed contact center that offers insight into use and CX

TSX Trust uses partnerships to offer their customers best-in-breed services without having to build all their solutions in-house. The managed contact center allows them to understand and manage the volumes that come into their contact center.

It also enables faster responses to potential issues through speech analytics, sentiment analysis and social media alerts. These offer real-time insights into customer satisfaction and problems without having to survey customers.

Improved CX and employee experience (EX)

“If the employee experience is good, your callers or investor’s experience is going to be equally good,” says Barrington.

The new contact center solution connects employees to the information they need effortlessly, so they can give investors and shareholders answers to their questions.

Seamless cloud migration

The trust now has more tools to offer excellent CX, and there was no disruption in the service when transferring to the new solution.

“Having 300,000 calls a year is an easy thing to say. But the reality about having to service them is something different. We have a lot of confidence with NTT because they’re able to give us proof points on how we answer those calls in a timely way, so that we can go back to our clients with confidence,” says Claire Johnson, President and CEO, TSX Trust.

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