Mondi securely connects their global organization with fully managed WAN

With sites across five continents, Mondi need their network to securely link their manufacturing, logistics, sales and administrative operations together.

Starting in 2015 they’ve partnered with us to deploy a fully managed network, giving them full visibility of their network while being able to quickly add new sites as the needs of the business evolve.

Our managed security services ensure that they’re always protected against the latest cyber threats and able to embrace the latest technologies.

Our close relationship allows them to focus on meeting their business and sustainability goals while our teams ensure that they always stay connected.

Client profile

Mondi is a global leader in sustainable packaging and paper, employing 22,000 people across 100 production sites in more than 30 countries, with key operations located in Europe, North America and Africa. Their integrated value chain, cross-sector partnerships, extensive technical expertise and broad portfolio of solutions help their customers to make more sustainable choices.


Connecting a truly global organization

For Mondi, the network is the foundation of their business. With manufacturing facilities located in more than 30 countries, even the smallest amount of downtime can result in significant financial repercussions.

Their global wide area network links their more than 100 locations to their primary data center in Vienna, but with a small IT team they needed more than a technology supplier, they required a true partner who they could work closely with to create a solution that met their specific needs.

As part of their decision process, they needed a partner who would be able to deliver a fully managed service, ensuring that there was no disruption to their global operations. They were also looking for a supplier who shared their commitment to sustainability, leveraging technology to help them meet their ambitious goals in this area.

Any solution needed to be secure by design, enabling them to protect the organization against evolving cyber threats and comply with the governance and compliance regulations in every country.

“As a global organization, our network is critical to our success. Secure, reliable connectivity means that we can focus on driving business innovation.”

Rainer Steffl
CIO, Mondi

Ensuring secure, fully managed connections, worldwide

Designing the solution involved a process of collaboration and co-innovation between ourselves, Mondi and Cisco.

With operations across the world and manufacturing plants in remote areas, the network needed to keep the diverse organization connected.

After a collaborative design process, they deployed a Cisco Dynamic Multipoint VPN with TrustSec to link their sites to their data center in Vienna. This provides them with the flexibility to add and remove sites from the network while ensuring secure connectivity to their existing ones.

Resilience is a critical capability for Mondi, with their manufacturing facilities operating 24x7, they require uninterrupted connectivity, and as a result, redundancy is built into the system on a hardware and connectivity level.

We provide them with a single point of contact for any issues, leveraging our global capabilities to ensure that any issues are quickly resolved.

Leveraging our managed network service they have full visibility of their network, with our global team monitoring the network. This provides them the insights they need to manage their IT infrastructure, meeting the evolving needs of the business. This has enabled them to dynamically increase the bandwidth to sites as demand has increased, ensuring that they deliver the most appropriate connectivity solution for their evolving needs. This proved to be especially useful as the use of video conferencing increased as a core part of their collaboration environment. Our managed service ensures that the network catered for this increased traffic without impacting the performance of core business applications.

At the same time, our Managed Security Services give Mondi access to our global network of Security Operations Centers. This ensures that any potential threats are immediately identified, and the appropriate action taken to prevent them from impacting business operations. This includes incorporating the management of cloud-based security services as part of their environment.

“The partnership with NTT and Cisco has turned our network into an engine for sustainability and innovation. The managed service means that we know there’s a global team of experts ensuring that it remains secure and available at all times.”

Rainer Steffl
CIO, Mondi

A partnership built on innovation

Mondi’s WAN is critical in keeping the global organization connected and our partnership ensures that it’s able to continually evolve to meet the developing needs of the business. Leveraging our managed network and security services has delivered the highest level of network performance across their operations.

In-depth understanding

The close relationship between our teams enables the network to meet Mondi’s business objectives. With constant communication at all levels, we’re able to proactively tailor our services to meet their evolving requirements.

Secure by design

From the start, security was a critical requirement for Mondi. Our managed security service ensures that they’re able to implement security policies across the globe. This includes controlling access to resources for employees and partners based on the requirements of their roles.

Collective innovation

Mondi are constantly looking to innovate, improving efficiency and meeting ambitious sustainability goals. As a trusted partner they look to us to help them achieve this, working closely with their teams to constantly improve the value their network brings to the company.

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