iland expand their Dallas-area cloud infrastructure with a new IT deployment

Together with iland, an 11:11 Systems Company, we’re keeping their customers’ mission-critical workloads, protected and up and running. Last year, the global cloud service provider needed to increase their IT capacity in the Dallas area to meet growing demand. Although they already had space at three colocation data centers, their current providers couldn’t accommodate their expansion needs.

With space available and our ability to support rapid scalability and additional data center services, the 16MW Dallas TX1 Data Center was the perfect choice.

Client profile:

iland, an 11:11 Systems Company, is a global cloud service provider, offering Infrastructure-, Disaster Recovery-, and Backup-as-a-Service. They specialize in designing secure, compliant and highly available cloud platforms to host and protect their customers’ mission-critical workloads.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, they serve customers across the world, including North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.


Planning for current needs and future growth

To keep up with increasing demand for cloud services, iland needed to increase their capacity in the key Dallas market. With their existing data center providers unable to meet their needs, a future partner had to be able to meet several key requirements.

The colocation data center had to be able to offer space to grow quickly while also offering the necessary power and cooling to support a high-performance cloud footprint.

Flexible connectivity options and power distribution, remote hands and eyes services to assist with remote deployments, and custom security features were all critical requirements. After evaluating their options, they found what they were looking for at our TX1 Data Center.

‘The TX1 facility has the power capacity we need for optimal cloud performance, `and NTT could guarantee space for future growth,’ says Dante Orsini, Chief Strategy Officer, 11:11 Systems. ‘The facility offers a high redundancy level to ensure our cloud platform’s ongoing availability, and on-net connectivity with multiple carriers. Not only that, NTT was willing to provide us with the flexibility and resources we needed to manage our own IT power distribution and networking connections. Not every data center provider would give us that freedom.’

‘NTT was willing to provide us with the flexibility and resources we needed to manage our own IT power distribution and networking connections. Not every data center provider would give us that freedom.’

Dante Orsini
Chief Strategy Officer, 11:11 Systems

A collaborative effort

Once iland had made their decision, they worked with our onboarding and fit-out teams to create their environment. iland designs their own IT cloud deployments, using a common infrastructure stack of hosting and storage servers. Using their design specs, our technicians built out a caged environment in a suite at TX1, with an IT pod to house their servers, featuring cold-aisle containment to provide efficient cooling for iland’s high-density platform.

‘NTT’s onboarding process was the best and easiest we’ve ever been through with any data center provider,’ says Justin Giardina, Chief Technology Officer at 11:11 Systems. ‘Their level of project management was just stellar. The technicians at TX1 gave us detailed buildout plans for our IT deployment, and a shipping schedule for the materials involved. They held weekly meetings with our technicians to review their plans and work out any problems or issues. Our deployment went smoothly, without all the usual bumps and bruises.’

‘NTT’s onboarding process was the best and easiest we’ve ever been through with any data center provider.’

Justin Giardina
Chief Technology Officer, 11:11 Systems

Flexible power distribution

iland’s block of power at TX1 is distributed to their servers at higher or lower densities, based on individual customer and server needs. For example, one rack hosting high- performance cloud servers might require 10kW, while another rack hosting storage servers might require only 3kW. Taking advantage of our metered power to track power usage allows iland to optimize their capacity planning, right-size power distribution and only use the power they require.

Guaranteed space to grow

iland have tentatively reserved the open floor space next to their caged IT deployment at TX1. Under their contract terms, iland have Right of First Refusal, meaning they must give permission before that space can be sold to another colocation customer. iland can refuse this request and keep the floor space for a future cloud expansion.

Flexible connectivity options

With multiple Tier 1 carriers available at TX1, iland can easily connect their cloud servers to a customer’s preferred internet provider, or another public cloud. They can also cross-connect to a customer’s private network or provide a customer with a direct private link from their cloud to hyperscale public clouds, and to their company headquarters.

Additionally, they have the flexibility within their own cloud deployment to right-size connectivity, providing higher or lower bandwidth connections based on customer needs and data transmission requirements.

Custom security features

Adding to the existing, enhanced security of the TX1 facility (restricted access zones, multiple ID points, 24/7 security staff, etc.), iland have customized security for their cloud environment. Their servers are housed in a fully enclosed cage, topped by a mesh frame with opaque shield panels preventing outsiders from looking in. We also installed extra security cameras inside the cage, alongside multiple ID devices (badge scanner, iris scanner) for cage access.

Remote hands and eyes services

At TX1, our remote hands and eyes service provides on-demand, supplemental technical staffing, with 24/7 onsite support for iland.

‘Remote hands and eyes is very useful when we need it,’ says Orsini. ‘It’s helpful to have NTT technicians on site who can quickly resolve problems for us, as needed.’

Access to worldwide facilities and new markets

Following its successful deployment at TX1, iland is looking into building additional cloud environments in our other global data center locations.

‘As a global cloud company, it’s to our advantage to build up our IT presence in cloud markets not just in Texas, but throughout the world, which puts us in proximity to major economic hubs’ says Orsini. ‘Also, we need geographic diversity in our cloud deployments, to ensure the availability of our cloud platform and the safety of our customers’ critical data. NTT have both the international range and the client-focused approach that we need in a data center provider. They under promise and over deliver, which is something we just don’t see from other providers. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with NTT.’

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