Migration from on-premises email to Microsoft 365 for EMA Partners

EMA Partners were looking to migrate their shared mail service, which was hosted on-premises, to Microsoft 365 services (formerly Office 365) cloud solution.

They worked along with NTT to upgrade their infrastructure with minimum service disruption, achieving high levels of customer satisfaction as a result.

Client profile

Since their establishment in 1988, EMA Partners has been offering a comprehensive range of services to global corporations, local businesses, and non-profit organizations, enabling them to recruit and appoint leaders who leave a significant impact on their organizations and society.


Migrating and upgrading from on-premises setup

EMA Partners availed shared email services from us as a part of the Managed Services portfolio. However, the services were hosted on-premises, and needed to be upgraded as part of maintaining and upscaling their existing infrastructure. The on- prem setup was not built to offer additional features, such as Microsoft SharePoint, Teams, Office suite and so on, which are bundled in the Microsoft 365 solution.

Consequently, migration was planned as a part of the exercise, with the target of upgrading their internal managed services infrastructure. Downtime had to be kept minimal in line with the high-availability service metrics. Keeping in mind the fact that email services are business-critical, the migration had to be planned with the least impact on operations.


Leveraging in-house expertise to upgrade mailbox services

EMA Partners leveraged our expertise to move the existing mailboxes to Microsoft 365 with minimal downtime. They were migrated from Exchange 2013 to Microsoft 365 using a cutover-migration approach. Standard operating procedures were defined and migration was performed for select users. End-to-end support was also provided to all the end-users as part of the arrangement. This included post migration support with the objective of meeting customer expectations.


Enhanced Microsoft 365 capabilities lead to higher productivity and satisfaction levels

Working with us, EMA Partners achieved seamless migration that met their high availability requirements. They are satisfied with the utility of the upgraded Microsoft 365 infrastructure and the advanced features it offers. The partnership was immensely beneficial as they are now able to use multiple applications, such as Teams, SharePoint and Office suites, for their day-to-day operations with bundled cost – positively impacting customer satisfaction and productivity.