Upgrading to cloud-based SAP paves the way for Don Muang Tollway to expand business workflow

Don Muang Tollway aims to expand their business with additional motorways and expressways. To achieve this, NTT updated their on-premises SAP environment, improved their network infrastructure and explored cloud options, including secure enterprise resource planning (ERP) migration. The secure cloud environment enables growth, ensures redundancy to protect DMT’s operations, and facilitates compliance with data regulations.

Client profile

Don Muang Tollway Public Company (DMT) is a private company with a concession to construct and operate the Uttraphimuk Elevated Tollway, which provides services for vehicles traveling inbound and outbound between Bangkok Metropolitan and its northern vicinity areas and serves as the main route to the Upper Central Region, the Northern Region and the Northeastern Region parts of Thailand. When the concession period ends in 2034, the ownership of the 21-kilometer (13-mile) tollway will be transferred to the Department of Highways, Ministry of Transport.


Mapping a technology path to support ambitions

Don Muang Tollway Public Company (DMT) has built and currently operates a toll road for the Thailand Department of Highways. They collect tolls, manage traffic, operate the rescue service and maintain the elevated toll road. As a private company working under a concession from the government authority, they are expected to deliver a high level of service with convenience, speed and safety.

As a result, cost- and operational-efficiency are key considerations for DMT, especially as they aim to grow their business by expanding the number of toll routes. As a part of this objective, they wanted to update their on-premises SAP environment, improve their network infrastructure and explore the potential that the cloud offered.

“We’ve worked with NTT before, but this project showed us the full potential of NTT. They handled the entire project from designing the solution to implementing and managing our new cloud environment. We can focus on building new roads and perfecting traffic management, while leaving our system to the technology experts.”

Bongkodrat Tangchukul
CFO, Don Muang Tollway Public Company

Setting up a framework for growth

We have a strong relationship with DMT as we have experience on previous projects. This time, they consulted us to discuss the best way to update their ERP tools and migrate them to the cloud, secure their environment, interconnect their traffic-management system and create a system that can grow with business needs.

At that time, DMT was running SAP Business One on-premises, a solution intended for small to midsized businesses. In line with their desire to grow their business and expand to new toll routes, it was decided to change from an on-premises SAP Business One environment to the cloud-based RISE with SAP S/4 HANA.

This involved migrating them from their on-premises solution to a secure private cloud that uses a dedicated network connection to prevent any information being insecurely sent over the internet. The backup system is also on a private cloud. Since their systems use sensitive personal information, we also secured the system for them.

“The Uttraphimuk Elevated Tollway offers direct route to the center, northern and northeastern parts of Thailand. We see the updating of DMT’s systems and embracing the new technology as a direct route to growing our business and creating pleasant roads for commuters.”

Bongkodrat Tangchukul
CFO, Don Muang Tollway Public Company

Increased efficiency through a single environment

The migration has resulted in a secure SAP environment that can grow as DMT expands. With redundancy built in, their operations are always protected and they are able to comply with data regulations.

A single source of truth

The solution gives the organization a single view of their digital real estate in real time, enabling more informed management decisions.

Increasing efficiency and integration

DMT now has a unified management workflow for ERP, monitoring tools and their traffic management system. They can now also integrate data across various platforms, including an electronic maintenance management system, e-documents and e-tax, for better data flow and efficiency.

Improved total cost of ownership (TCO)

Moving from an on-premises solution has relieved DMT from the cost of buying and maintaining infrastructure.

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