Daido India reduces the cost and complexity of their secondary offsite backup

Together with Diado India, we’re changing the face of their DR landscape. Daido India wanted their archival secondary copy to be in an off-premises location, leverage the cloud for archival purposes and reduce their tape utilization. This was prompted by their inability to retrieve archival data during backup drills because of improper tape handling. A change in tape technologies and increasing costs was also impacting their operational budget.

We proposed using Veritas Backup Software to move the secondary archival copy to the Amazon S3 Glacier. We configured Veritas along with setting up their AWS account, its configurations, and manage AWS on their behalf. The Daido India team retained on-premises backups for fast recovery, using Amazon S3 Glacier for second copy archives, enabling long-term retention.


Client profile

Established in 2012, Daido India Pvt. Ltd. has supplies and trades racing chains, drive chains and engine timing chains among other automotive products. Located in Alwar, Rajasthan they’re one of the leading sellers of these products in India.

Finding a better backup plan

With rising infrastructure needs, Daido India needed a cost-effective and scalable solution to manage their secondary copy data archival. They partnered with us to assess their needs, take the right infrastructure/vendor choices and migrate their entire data environment to the selected cloud platform.

They had used traditional tape-based backup to secure the secondary copy of their data for the last few years at an in-house data center. However, changes in tape technology, tape costs associated with the upgrades and maintenance of legacy platforms were affecting their operational budgets. After a couple of failed restoration drills they decided to explore alternatives. They were specifically looking for offsite backup solutions leveraging the cloud for their secondary offsite archival needs.

They wanted a solution that could be easily maintained and was secure, cost-effective, durable and highly available, providing options for upload and retrieval of secondary offsite backup data. It also needed to be flexible enough to meet financial and internal compliance requirements.

'Daido India wanted a solution that could be easily maintained, secure, cost-effective, durable and highly available, providing options for upload and retrieval of secondary offsite backup data.'


Creating a flexible back-up strategy

We evaluated Daido India’s secondary data archival needs to understand their usage patterns, volumes, and existing internal compliance and security requirements.

As a result of this analysis, we proposed that they keep one copy on-premises and a second copy to be sent to Amazon S3 Glacier for long-term archiving. This solution was built on a combination of Veritas NetBackup and Amazon S3 Glacier. We configured Veritas NetBackup to tape out one copy of data to an in-house data center and a secondary copy to Amazon S3 Glacier.

The data archiving system uses agents to interface with file systems, facilitating the archiving of critical production data. Veritas NetBackup ensured data protection for the archival data on Amazon S3 Glacier for file, email, CRM, ERP and inventory applications. The data is also de-duplicated and compressed for storage efficiency in the cloud.

'The NTT and AWS solution allowed Daido India to provide unmatched scalability and flexibility to meet their growing data backup and archival needs.'


Taking the complexity out of the backup process

After migrating all secondary copy archival data to Amazon S3 Glacier, we helped Daido India to modify their existing backup policies to move secondary offsite backup data to AWS S3 Glacier for long-term retention. The IT team at Daido India was able to reduce operational complexity and save time by minimizing manual intervention during this process.

The NTT and AWS solution gives them unmatched scalability and flexibility to meet their growing data backup and archival needs, allowing them to optimize utilization without any extra administrative overhead. They were able to effectively meet their objective and internal compliance needs by leveraging AWS.

The combined solution provides them with ease of operations in their backup and archival activity using in-time alerts, schedule detailed reporting and policy base automation. As their needs continue to grow, the cloud-based solution will enable them to bring down storage and archival costs significantly in the long run. The pay-as-you-go pricing model has converted their tape capex costs to opex costs and saved them more than 40%.