Helping global transportation and defense leader Cubic modernize and transform their technology

Cubic is on a digital transformation journey to make their own systems more efficient so they can focus on the technology solutions they offer their customers. Having worked with NTT before, they chose us to help them optimize their systems and be their managed service provider. The first phase of their transformation project has resulted in simplified and consolidated systems – as well as significant and ongoing cost savings for the company.

Client profile

Cubic creates and delivers technology solutions in transportation that make people’s lives easier by simplifying their daily journeys, and defense capabilities that help promote mission success and safety for those who serve their nation. The company's offerings help to decrease urban congestion and improve the military’s effectiveness and operational readiness. Its businesses provide an integrated approach to systems and services for government and commercial customers.


Digitally transforming the IT environment to boost benefits

Cubic is a market-leading provider of integrated technology solutions that streamline operations. In the transportation industry, that means reduced congestion and better customer experiences. For the defense industry, Cubic’s solutions promote mission success and safety. With over 75 locations in more than 20 countries across the world, they wanted to consolidate, optimize and modernize their technology to ensure it could keep up with future expansion. In addition, all their solutions had to comply with the strict regulatory requirements for transportation.

This huge undertaking involved three phases. The first was to consolidate licenses, improve workflows and standardize communication applications and telephony across the company, maximizing cost savings. The second was to improve their overall IT economics across the enterprise and across the products and solutions they deliver to their customers. The final phase was to create an optimized platform for Cubic’s future business growth.

“We focus on the technology solutions we offer our clients, so we wanted a partner who could focus on our IT environment and optimize and manage it for us. Just like we’re experts in transportation and military systems, our partner has to be an expert in business infrastructure.”

Dan Hedstrom
Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Cubic

Consolidating and optimizing the IT environment

NTT and Cubic have built a strong working relationship over the years. This gave us insights into Cubic’s way of working as well as their business needs. They chose us to support them to transform their infrastructure and cost-base, leveraging existing investments wherever possible while identifying opportunities to modernize and make the most of their technology assets.

To do this, we consulted with them and analyzed their existing subscriptions and workflows. This process enabled us to incorporate Cubic’s Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft subscriptions into a single Enterprise Agreement. This agreement consolidates all Microsoft licenses for their international business into one agreement, making management easier and lowering their overall licensing spend. As part of optimizing their telecommunications and communication, they migrated to Teams.

By managing their corporate infrastructure, we could analyze the environment and determine which instances had to be always on, and which could be spun up or down as needed. And this was just for the first stage of the project.

“The ultimate reason we selected NTT was the ease of doing business. Their global reach and ability to help us scale and automate the delivery of our products and services has been a game changer.”

Dan Hedstrom
Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Cubic

Creating a setting for future success

Cubic has leveraged managed services combined with specialized consultancy to augment their internal skills and optimize their systems. The first phase of their transformation has resulted in more than 10% in annualized savings (excluding one-time costs).

Streamlined cloud financial operations

Through license consolidation and transitioning to a managed cloud infrastructure, Cubic can optimize spending and reduce costs by paying only for what they use. As a result, they can reinvest saved resources into driving business innovation.

Expanded global market competitiveness

With NTT managing their cloud infrastructure, Cubic can scale easily in new and existing markets, and quickly develop solutions in markets where we already have a presence.

Enhanced collaboration for innovative solutions

The close collaboration between the teams of both organizations enables them to share knowledge and expertise and influence outcomes, resulting in improved solutions for customers and the business. Our expertise in deploying and managing IT infrastructure allows Cubic to focus on their core strengths.

This collaborative approach delivers a foundation for growth and optimization, as well as enabling Cubic to build a more resilient organization while transforming the experience of their customers and the consumers they serve.

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