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To get the most out of an investment in cloud, continuous modernization and optimization are essential. These are complex processes that require a strategic approach – and the right partners. The partnership between NTT DATA and Microsoft Azure makes them an ideal choice for cloud-native transformation.

Accelerate business transformation

We’ve been partnering with Microsoft for 25 years with an ever-growing list of accreditations – from being an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider and a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Security to being a Solutions Partner for Data & AI, Infrastructure. And the list goes on.

With a comprehensive suite of tools and services, Azure empowers organizations to refactor, rearchitect or rebuild applications, adopt a microservices architecture and streamline development processes through seamless integration with Azure DevOps. You can also take advantage of the integration points between Azure and GitHub, expanding capabilities.

With expertise in all aspects of cloud-native modernization and migration, we are well-equipped to assist businesses from strategy to delivery. By leveraging proven blueprints, industry accelerators and clouds, we create a streamlined and efficient transformation journey. The result is improved performance of business applications and a measurable reduction in application development complexity through the adoption of agile practices and workloads optimized for performance and cost savings.

Where Azure provides the foundation for successful cloud-native app modernization, we have the full-stack expertise to help:

We understand the challenges involved and know how to overcome them to enable organizations to unlock the full potential of the cloud.

Ongoing optimization to transform cloud success into business success

As cloud transformations increasingly involve hybrid and multicloud environments, managing the cloud becomes more difficult. That’s why we help organizations reimagine their operations and adopt modern cloud operating models and capabilities such as site reliability engineering, DevSecOps, FinOps and observability. By leveraging these practices, you can achieve ongoing optimization and maximize the benefits of your cloud investment.

Microsoft Azure offers a wealth of benefits for organizations, including a comprehensive set of tools and services for application modernization, support for containerization, and orchestration through Azure Kubernetes. With Azure, your apps and ecosystem in the cloud become highly flexible, allowing you to make changes and scale according to your needs. Azure also provides resilience, keeping your systems robust and reliable.

Business outcomes you can expect with Microsoft Azure and NTT DATA

Business outcomes you can expect with Microsoft Azure and NTT DATA:

  • Accelerated time to market: By modernizing your applications and infrastructure, you can respond quickly to market demands, launch new products and services faster, and gain a competitive edge.
  • Enhanced agility and innovation: Cloud-native modernization enables agile practices and innovation. NTT DATA can help with fully managed Azure services for platform as a service (PaaS), containers, low code apps and databases. NTT DATA’s expertise in cloud-native application development and modernization helps organizations reduce complexity, freeing up resources to focus on strategic initiatives and innovation.
  • Lower complexity and total cost of ownership: Reduce operational overhead and inefficient resource use with optimized, secure workloads and cost recommendations.

How everything comes together in practice

NTT DATA’s partnership with Microsoft Azure has resulted in numerous success stories. For example, we have helped global organizations modernize their operations, enabling them to respond quickly to market demands and achieve operational excellence.

In the financial services sector, we have supported organizations in adopting cloud-native technologies, enhancing their agility and enabling them to deliver innovative solutions to their customers. Healthcare organizations have also benefited from our partnership, leveraging Azure’s capabilities to improve patient care and drive digital transformation.


NTT DATA has proven expertise, a strategic partnership with Microsoft Azure and industry recognition. As a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider and a Migrate and Modernize Partner, we have a track record of successfully delivering cloud-native solutions. Our deep technical knowledge, as demonstrated by our top Microsoft accreditations, means we can provide exceptional service and outcomes. Additionally, our long-standing partnership with Microsoft demonstrates our commitment to driving joint growth and innovation.

Choosing a trusted and knowledgeable partner who understands your business, teams and technology stack makes modernization smooth and cost-effective. NTT DATA guides organizations in building a tailored cloud environment that aligns perfectly with their unique needs and goals, reducing complexity and maximizing the benefits of modernization.

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