Episode 1
Welcome to The Data Center Unseen, an innovative web series presented and produced by NTT Global Data Centers.
From remote work and global internet access to adapting to economic shifts and technological advances, data centers are at the center of today's digital lifestyle and are a critical part of keeping the modern world running.


Are data centers part of the energy problem or are they actually part of a sustainability solution? In this episode, we uncover the important role that data centers play in mitigating the effects of energy-intensive processing…and even how they are giving back to the cities and communities that host them.


Episode 2

High-speed Expectations

Remote work is here to stay. But society's heavier reliance on remote work puts massive strain on the infrastructure meant to support it. In this episode, we'll dig into the role data centers play in keeping remote workers working, while maintaining all other expectations in our connected lives.


Episode 3

Location, Location, Location

In this episode, we'll uncover how data center strategists weigh the pros and cons of a particular location and how they maximize the location's strengths while diminishing the negatives—while keeping communities, customers and consumers happy.


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Our hosts 

Our hosts

Doug Adams is President and Chief Executive Officer of NTT Global Data Centers Americas. He was part of the founding executive team that started RagingWire in the year 2000. During his tenure, Doug has made significant contributions to the company by winning new customers, expanding NTT's data center footprint and delivering innovative colocation products.

NTT's unique advantage

Hear from Doug on why NTT has such a unique advantage when it comes to future-proof data centers.

The rise of the sustainable data center

Read the latest thinking around why sustainability is a core strategy for data center providers worldwide.

NTT's growth strategy

An inside look at how NTT Global Data Centers is managing a global building boom that spans nearly every corner of the globe.

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