Mobicule lower costs and drive expansion with NTT Cloud

Facing rapid growth and rising demand for their Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings, Mobicule needed a cloud platform that allowed them to scale on-demand and optimize costs while ensuring that their cloud and infrastructure landscape met the most stringent security and compliance standards.

NTT’s hybrid cloud platform delivered the performance, efficiency, and economy of scale that Mobicule needed to deliver a robust, secure, and compliant SaaS offering to their customers. The NTT cloud platform also allows Mobicule to consume cloud capacity in an on-demand, pay-as-you-go model, with access to a range of cloud-native microservices, all managed and secured 24x7 by NTT.

Multiple availability zones also allow Mobicule to deploy their services at the edge, as close to their consumers as possible.

Client profile

Mobicule is a pioneering fintech independent software vendor (ISV), focusing on products that deliver mobile field force to India’s biggest enterprises and financial institutions.

They’ve successfully deployed and managed some of the largest mobile field force implementations across sales and distribution, telecommunications as well as banking, financial services and insurance.

With a footprint across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, their vast domain experience enables them to deliver mission-critical field-force applications in various industries.


Embracing a cloud-first approach to deliver SaaS offerings

Mobicule Technologies is a leading enterprise mobility software company with products focused on debt recovery and collections, AI-based know your customer, key performance indicators and governance. How could they embrace a cloud-first approach to enable more agile and efficient ways of delivering their SaaS offerings to clients across India?

As Mobicule began to scale, so did the company’s business challenges: rising cloud costs, increasingly stringent compliance requirements, and challenges in adopting new technologies to deliver greater agility and efficiency.

“As a pioneer in a competitive market, we need to be nimble in order to maintain our early-mover advantage. To achieve this, we needed a cloud partner who could assume the role of a trusted adviser and deliver a cloud landscape that would enable us to create a robust, secure and cost-efficient cloud landscape for our SaaS offerings.”

Siddharth Agarwal
Founder and MD, Mobicule

Accelerating cloud modernization through managed services

The engagement began with NTT conducting Cloud Discovery and Analysis sprints in conjunction with the Mobicule team to define objectives with clear outcomes. Over the course of these sprints, NTT was able to determine the optimal cloud execution venues for Mobicule’s application landscape.

An agile, cost effective, and on-demand managed cloud landscape

NTT’s SimpliCloud public cloud platform was chosen as the execution venue for Mobicule’s application landscape. SimpliCloud allows Mobicule to deploy a range of infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service solutions, containers and microservices, and seamlessly connect to other hybrid cloud or multicloud platforms as and when required. Virtual machines connect via a software-defined network to various on-demand network and storage services, including NTT’s on-demand load balancing, elastic block storage and object storage platforms.

Once designed and approved, the entire solution was deployed within NTT’s 24x7 Managed Service framework, which manages the entire stack all the way up to the application layer through a certified suite of people, tools and processes.

This frees up Mobicule’s resources to manage their suite of SaaS products and allows their team to focus their attention on creating competitive business advantages, rather than have to manage their cloud landscape.

Secure and resilient by design

Given Mobicule’s client base includes India’s largest banks and nonbank financial companies, security and resiliency are an essential compliance need. NTT spent time with Mobicule’s team to assess the overall threat radar and implement a suite of threat protection and remediation measures to ensure maximum security.

Resiliency is another key concern, met through NTT’s platform-based cloud resiliency services – which provide redundancy for all services within the primary availability zone – as well as NTT’s disaster recovery-as-a-service offering, which provides a cold disaster-recovery service in an alternate availability zone for maximum resiliency.

“NTT’s Cloud platform has been instrumental in enabling us to be efficient and agile. Their approach to cloud transformation allows us to focus on our core ISV offerings rather than worry about our cloud landscape.”

Siddharth Agarwal
Founder and Managing Director, Mobicule Technologies

Leveraging a cloud platform to bolster availability, performance and security

Cloud advisory

NTT’s solution-led sprint approach helped Mobicule identify the right cloud technologies to meet their business imperatives and select a technology roadmap that helps them select cutting-edge technologies to bolster the availability, performance and security of their application stack.

A managed, resilient and secure cloud environment

Adopting a managed cloud platform that is secure and resilient by design and supported by NTT’s around-the-clock managed service coverage framework has helped Mobicule’s developers and architects focus on building innovative products and services for their clients and frees up the time and effort needed to expand their offerings into new markets.

Cost efficiency

Going “cloud first” can sometimes result in cost sprawl, but NTT’s hybrid approach ensures that Mobicule is able to optimize costs over by over 40% as compared to a pure public cloud approach.

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