A reliable global service to make your IoT operations simple and cost-effective

Our global M2M SIM and eSIM plans let you connect your devices with no roaming costs, anywhere in the world.

Achieve cellular IoT connectivity across 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and LTE-M, with a low-latency, high-bandwidth experience thanks to our constellation of local breakouts.

In select countries, our multioperator service enables the best coverage.

Connectivity plans 

Our cellular IoT connectivity plans

We have a large choice of pricing options available so you can pick the one that best fits your needs: from pay per use plans, to pooled bundles and prepaid plans.

We go above and beyond for our customers: automatically benefit from the best rates throughout the contract execution. We proactively update our pricing over time so your business grows in the best conditions.

Contact us to get advise on the best business model.

How we can help you


Truly global cellular IoT connectivity

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Avoid prohibitive roaming costs

Deploy IoT fleets worldwide with local rates. Scale as you need to, whether it’s across one or 200 countries with no specific configuration.

Reliable, fast IoT connectivity

Leverage our regional network points of presence across the globe to optimize bandwidth and latency. 

Best network connectivity

In select countries, our smart SIMs automatically switch to the strongest signal available where your device is.

SIM management 

Use our blazing-fast digital platform to optimize your IoT SIM fleet

Our platform delivers simple SIM fleet management so you can activate or suspend your subscriptions, manage them through groups, automate alarms, set proactive cost control, switch their connectivity endpoints and get real-time diagnostics information. We can help you automate these processes through API integration. 


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Key outcomes

Key outcomes

Consolidate to simplify

Cost-efficient management of your international IoT project. Streamline your operations with a single point of contact, integration, support and invoice. 

Best-in-class performance

We provide global cellular IoT connectivity and a constellation of network infrastructures to serve a low-latency, high-bandwidth service, worldwide.

Say goodbye to roaming costs

Forget about roaming charges – get a global service with local rates. We’ll build the perfect plan to suit your project.

IoT experience and expertise

Our teams provide effective support for all stages of your project: from hardware selection, architecture and proof of concept up to global deployment. 

Key IoT client examples

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Are you ready to scale your IoT?

Startups, SMEs and international organizations depend on our global cellular IoT connectivity solutions, experts and capabilities to streamline their IoT project and effortlessly scale from one country and grow internationally.

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