Take control of your software licensing with a single view

As infrastructure moves from hardware to software, organizations need new tools, skills and expertise that leverage digital insight and digital intelligence to view, manage and optimize their software estate.Smart Licensing Services help clients to transition to the new software subscription models, providing support to understand and structure their license entitlements, organize their digital wallet, and providing analytics and diagnostics on license usage and future optimization paths.

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Real-time visibility of your software licenses                     

Digital Wallet to help you make smart licensing decisions for on-premises perpetual licenses and subscription software.

Simplify your software lifecycle management               

Rapid diagnostics, proactive notifications and predictive insights to accelerate resolution and improve your decision making. 

Enhance operational efficiency                   

You can access reports and our knowledge database all in one place.

Improve governance and compliance                

Consolidated asset views for health, vulnerability, compliance, and incident management. 

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